Regression, progression

IMG_0957I recently under went a group past life regression with Joanne DiMaggio.  Even before I discovered Buddhism I believed very strongly in reincarnation.  Going into the group session, I had no doubts to over come.  I also did not have any expectations.  I prayed before I went in, giving my the experience to my higher power.  What I experienced is to personal for me to share in such a public way.  I will not share the details.  However, I feel compelled to share about an insight that I had.  After the group regression, I realized that I had carried deep depression, self loathing (especially of my body) grief and anxiety with me for life times.  Literally. It took me a couple of weeks to truly process what I experienced. Once I finished processing my past life regression experience, I realized that I simply can not waste another moment of my life loathing myself, stressing out, wallowing in depression (which I have cut way back on even before this experience), living in fear or regret. I do understand that hard things will happen. In fact, I have had my normal share of problems in the weeks following my experience. However, when I feel the stress or the self loathing coming on I stop myself. I remember that I have already wasted an entire life time. I feel my feelings and I let them pass. I am able to do this not because I have suddenly evolved into some sort of saint or guru. I am able to do this because I finally understand that time is fleeting. I finally get that I may not have time to heal or figure it out. I have to live in peace, embrace joy, let people be who they are, and be alright with things as they are even when I don’t like it.

I am sure this sounds really flaky to some of you. But that’s o.k. I no longer have time to waste worrying about weather or not others approve of my experience in life. Even if you think I’m a flake, I want you to consider your own internal struggles. Are these struggles really worth your time?


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