Chocolate World’s Special Purpose (First Published 7/27/13)


(My first 6 blog posts were somehow erased. I have no idea how. For those who are interested, I am re-publishing them now. I will create a brand new post later this week)
My darling boyfriend and I recently went on a vacation to Hershey/ Harrisburg, PA to attend the Stars Days 2013 Yamaha Star motorcycle convention. My boyfriend bought a Yamaha Star a few months ago. Pennsylvania does not have helmet laws. Yes, I loved riding without a helmet!!! No, I did not think about dying. No, I wasn’t scared. It was fabulous! While we were there, we went on a group ride to Hershey’s Chocolate World! It was fun riding to a new place and getting to know new people with my beloved. As is often the case, I was the only person present without children. As usual, my higher power whom I choose to call Kwan Yin had something unexpected in store for me. When we started the tour of Chocolate world, there was a lot of information listed about Milton Hershey. I read about half of it and I was about to skip the..Catherine, or “Kitty” as she was known to those who knew her well caught my eye and I read the following words: “One of Catherine and Milton’s greatest disappointments was that they had no children.” I stopped in my tracks. I stood there and read about the Hershey’s whom I had been so ready to dismiss. Since the Hershey’s could not have children of their own they decided to become the benefactors of a school for children who needed help. They opened the Hershey Industrial School, which is now known as the Milton Hershey School. Milton Hershey said the school was Kitty’s idea. The school gives a quality education to children who have a social as well as financial need. Milton Hershey gave most of his assets including control of the company to the school.
I stood there with a smile on my face and tears in my eyes. Chills spread all over my body. I knew Kwan Yin had put me in this place, at this moment. This was her way of letting me know that I am not alone, that the path I have been given is the path I was meant to walk.
Later that night after a dip in the hotel pool while we were resting in front of some mindless television program, I started thinking about the Hershey’s. What if they had been able to become parents? They would never have started the school. Millions of children would not have received the benefits of a quality education in a nurturing environment. Millions of children were helped because the Hershey’s decided to walk the path they were given and make a contribution in the best way they could. Laying there in the soft glow of the T.V. light I understood that this is what life is really about. I mean, I really got it! Life is about walking the path I am given. It is about using what I have been given to make a contribution in the best way I can.


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