From the loss, the Blessings

Recently, I have been giving in to the flow of life and living in the present moment to the best of my ability.

I have struggled in the recent past. Approaching my 50’s while living in my mother’s house, childless, changing careers and single was not the direction I expected my life to take.

To help the Mothers understand a little better

However, the things that did not work out have given me the greatest blessings.

From the loss, the BLESSINGS:

Childlessness – If I had children I would not have been available to help my friends. I was recently able to help a couple I care deeply about relocate after here after some difficulties they faced. One of them is the daughter I didn’t have. Her partner is one of my favorite people. There is no one else I would want her to be with.  Sharing their progress and watching them thrive is a great blessing in my life.

I have been able to help one of my dearest friends move into our home temporarily and find the proper care she needs for some health challenges. Participating in her progress and watching her become heathier and happier is one of the single most joyful experiences of my life.

Broken relationship – My last relationship taught me that I need to be on my own for now. I need the freedom to simply figure out how to live as an individual. For the moment, I am building a life that I am enjoying very much on my own.

Changing careers – I am learning what trusting a power greater than myself really means! The greatest blessing in my quest for a new job is learning to let go of my expectations.

The blessings have always been here. I just couldn’t see them until I gave into the flow of life and accepted the gifts it was so patiently trying to give me.


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